Thursday, 24 February 2011

Projects I am working on now

For those of you who have visited this blog you would have seen a number of different ideas and media, going on in the studio. I am working on different projects as always.
1. Portraits. I became very interested in people as  subject matter and in particular my family and then my friends  a few years ago.Painting my family makes me feel  even closer to them. Painting the portrait of someone involves a very close interaction. You have to get to know them in order to really capture their image.  Somebody said that a portrait is successful if you feel that somebody has left the room when you turn the painting to the wall.
I don't paint entirely from life. I spend some time observing them in  a number of poses and make some sketches. I work form them with oils on canvas with some additional sittings if possible or use some photographs of my subjects.. I find portraiture a very rewarding form of art which I think has started to see a revival after conceptualism which dominated the art world for at least the last 2 decades.